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Sofi Award 2009
Silver Moon

This SweetTalk issue is dedicated to you -- our customers, fans, friends and followers.

We begin with a delightful story sent to us from a customer, and continue with updates on our fall events and our new Facebook page, a new section with recipes, our Heaven on Earth Party Winners, and the rest of your old favorite columns. To each of you who take 5-10 minutes out of your day to read SweetTalk, and to everyone who has supported the growth of our small (but growing) company, a big Thank You.


Sheri Tate,
Silver Moon President

Letter from Silver Moon customer, Gina Sorell, 8/14/09

In the spirit of Silver Moon packaging black and white, silent era screen films...I bring you this...

INTERIOR KITCHEN. Late at night.

A copywriter stands with her spoon held high in the air. She has waited all day to retrieve her package of ice cream from her downstairs neighbor, secretly harboring doubts that he hasn't already devoured the entire thing and made a run for it.

Her husband, a man who cannot actually eat dairy opens the first container for her. It is Creme de Mint Chip and it is divine. Slowly she savors the glorious blend of cool creme de menthe and delectable chocolate chips. She notices that her husband is already on his second spoonful, making her wonder if...

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Upcoming Events

Vintage Santa Clara
Mission Gardens at Santa Clara University, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA
September 13, 2009, 1:30-5PM

Lake Tahoe Autumn Food & Wine Festival
The Village at Northstar, #100 Northstar Drive, Truckee, CA
September 11-13, 2009

Monterey Jazz Festival
2000 Fairground Road, Monterey, CA
September 18-20, 2009

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Yes, the moment you have been waiting for. All those hours searching, googling, and longing for a way to interact with Silver Moon is here. Come see what all the fuss is about on Silver Moon's new Facebook page!

Tell us your favorite way to serve Silver Moon, or better yet send us a picture! Our team of ice cream testers will select their favorite serving suggestion from September to award another Heaven on Earth Party Pack!
Here's a dessert fit for a king! When you're entertaining your favorite people, end the meal with something really special. Skip the after-dinner drinks and serve this mouth-watering Coffee with Brownie Bits Ice Cream Pie. The coffee ice cream is, of course, laced with coffee liqueur and scrumptious brownie bits. And the pie is topped off with a fudge sauce drizzle. You're going to be very popular!
  • 2 pints Silver Moon Coffee with Brownie Bits Ice Cream
  • 1/2 (18-oz.) package regular or reduced-fat cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies (about 22 cookies)
  • 2 T. melted butter
View entire recipe

Love this recipe? Have your own you want to share? Send us your favorite way to serve Silver Moon along with some pictures via email or Facebook posting, for your chance to win a Heaven on Earth Party!


During Prohibition in the 1920's, the breweries were turned into ice cream manufacturing plants! Wonder if any of them slipped liqueurs into their ice cream...
We are pleased to announce our two newest Heaven on Earth Party Pack winners:

Jordon Koch of Mountain View, CA
for signing up to receive SweetTalk


Jean Kindrick of Chicago, IL
for becoming a Facebook fan in August

Congratulations, Jordon and Jean, and enjoy your pints. And maybe if you convince your friends to sign-up for SweetTalk, they will share their Heaven on Earth Party Pints with you!

Talk of the Town

"The Praline Irish Cream is like a frozen, dreamy pillow of sugary, boozy bliss. With temperatures reaching over 100 today, I'm in a chilled nirvana, greedily spooning each delectable lump. Ice cream and booze - Silver Moon has truly created heaven on earth. Let the kids eat cake...this one is for the grown-ups!"