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Sofi Award 2009
Silver Moon

SweetTalk Issue No. 2, May 20, 2009

Welcome Back Sorbet Connoisseurs

Here we are at SweetTalk issue Number Two! We have been hard at work since our last e-newsletter and have lots of news and events to share.

For St. Patrick's Day, Silver Moon's flavors were featured at the luxurious Palace Hotel in San Francisco. They served our Praline Irish Cream, green Creme de Mint Chip, and our seasonal Guiness Ice Cream was served as a float in a custom, ice-sculpted beer mug! Quite a spectacular display.

Wondering where to buy Silver Moon?
Check out our growing list of specialty and fine foods retail stores:

If your favorite store is not on our list, let us know and we will try to bring Silver Moon into your local market. Email me at with your request.

We are also on Twitter as "SilverMoon09," so be sure to listen for our sweet tweets in between newsletters.

The rain clouds are parting and the sun is starting to get warm here in Los Gatos, which mean it is almost ice cream season (ok, so every season is ice cream season for me, but you know what I mean)! I look forward to seeing you at some events, hearing your feedback on local stores and our product, and speaking with you again when summer is in full swing!

- Sheri Tate - President, Silver Moon Desserts


"Silver Moon has the most innovative ice cream and sorbet products I have seen on the market since I left Ben & Jerry's."

Michael Sands
Former Chief Marketing Officer of Ben & Jerry's
CEO Lesser Evil Snacks
Fourth of July Flavor-Fest!

Breezy white dresses,
Hot summer sun,
A short dip in the pool,
Means fourth of July fun!
What's the best way to top off the day?
3 scoops of Silver Moon are on the way!

In celebration of fourth of July, Silver Moon is offering our version of the old red, white and blue. Think a bright and luscious red Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet, cuddling with a cool, creamy Pina Colada Sorbet, all in colorful contrast to a beautiful Blueberry Sorbet. These patriotic desserts are the perfect ending to a day with the smokey barbeque or the final touch to a chic garden party.
Making of the Mango Mimosa

Want to take a snake peak into the vast and mysterious prouction process of our decadent Silver Moon Desserts? Take a walk in my shoes over to our Belmont location. Ready to go?

Click Here to learn about the making of the Mango Mimosa.
"The Scoop"

---America is the most ice cream-eatingest country in the world, eating over 16 lbs. of ice cream per person each year! We are closely followed by New Zeland and then Denmark.---
Upcoming Events

Here are just a few of our summer events where you will find Silver Moon!

A Taste of Wine Country for Chaine des Rotiseurs
Friday, May 29, 2009
Wine Country Hilton, Santa Rosa, Ca

Sunset Celebration
June 6-7, 2009
Sunset Magazine Headquarters, Menlo Park, Ca

Mill Valley Wine and Gourmet Food Tasting
June 28, 2009, 1-4 pm
Downtown Mill Valley

Click Here for a complete list of upcoming events.