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Sofi Award 2009
Silver Moon

Hello Fellow Ice Cream Lovers!

Welcome to SweetTalk, Silver Moon's new monthly newsletter. This short, sweet, e-newsletter will help us keep in touch with our best customers and closest friends, while giving you the inside scoop (no pun intended!) on the latest news, flavors, and trends from Silver Moon and the food industry.

For those of you new to our sweet little company, Silver Moon's gourmet ice cream and sorbet combines two after dinner favorites- dessert and liqueur- to create unique and delectable dessert experiences. We are proud to work with some of the finest chefs in the restaurant, hotel and catering industries, and are extremely grateful for the customers who helped us launch our business in 2008.

Silver Moon Desserts (formerly Black Tie…see this month's article on why we changed our brand name) recently exhibited at the Winter Fancy Foods Show at Moscone Center, and we were extremely pleased by the tremendous response we received at the show. We received were named Silver Star Winner of the show by The Nibble; and were featured in the San Jose Mercury News, SF Weekly, and Matter of Taste. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and supported us at the show!

As we continue to grow our business and brand, we hope that our creative and unique desserts will help put a smile on your customers' faces and increase your business too. We look forward to working with all of you in the coming year, and always welcome your feedback, questions or suggestions. Just email us at

From all of us at Silver Moon, welcome!

- Sheri Tate - President, Silver Moon Desserts

The Inspiration of a Brand

On January 1, 2009, Black Tie officially became Silver Moon Desserts. For our business to grow we felt it was crucial that our name and brand image convey the unique taste and creative approaches we bring to our delicious ice creams and sorbets. Our new tagline: “Experience Heaven on Earth” expresses the profound effect our products have on customers. We strive to create that experience for you; echoed by the images we have chosen for our packaging. Beauty, happiness, friendship, love, fun, joy…are all memories of life’s pleasures captured in our hearts and with us no matter where we go.

We challenge you to create your own treasured experience with Silver Moon Desserts. Send us a copy of your own Silver Moon picture in classic & and white for our website; we would love to hear from you! Contact us at
"The Scoop"
          Speaking of the scoop...

           --- One out of every five ice cream eaters
                share their treat with their cat or dog! ---

Peter Piper picked a pack of piquant pomegranate…or wait, was it pickled peppers? At any rate, pomegranate sounds much more appealing than any pickled pepper. Pomegranates are a mystical and exotic fruit which for centuries held allure in Greek mythology, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, and recently emerged as a mainstay in modern-day temples such as Starbucks, Oprah's "O" magazine, and Rachel Ray's recipes.

The name "pomegranate" derives from Latin pomum ("apple") and granatus ("seeded"). The temptation of this seeded apple has made its way to the trendiest of eateries, bars and nightclubs. Yet, this exotic fruit appeals to more than just young twenty-something’s. The sophisticated flavor profile and the vibrant aesthetic of the pomegranate (not to mention its health benefits such as Vitamin C and anti-oxidants) give this enticing pome a much wider appeal to fruit lovers of all ages. Add a little vodka and pomegranate liqueur and you have a posh potion, the Pomegranate Martini.

Silver Moon’s Pomegranate Martini Sorbet derives its flavors from the essence of the Pomegranate Martini, creating the delightful adult dessert with a double shot of character, a splash of finesse, and the cool aroma of fresh pomegranate.

Want a great presentation idea? Place a two or three scoops of this delicate sorbet into a martini glass and sprinkle with a few pomegranate seeds to bring out the rich, exotic flavor and tangy twist, and garnish with a curled orange peel for an appealing color contrast.

"We were knocked out by the Pomegranate Martini and Mango Mimosa. Both were light, delicate, and full of flavor, without overpowering the palate with alcohol."
            --- SF Weekly
Trend Menu 2009

Ever had a friend tell you of a dish at a restaurant that you just must try? Your oh-so-trendy friend is the one that knows all the buzzing news and catwalk fashions, not to mention the most up to date eateries with that appetizer that will bring the masses, and that dessert sure to please even the most high-brow customers. We have a few of those friends too, and with their advice and a little research we have compiled the first 2009 trends in one convenient place: here! So relax and let us at Silver Moon help you figure out that next delectable dish that is the talk of the town.

As the money tightens both for the customers and the chefs, we will begin to see more ingenious and thrifty ways to create dishes you love. One way to spend smarter is by buying seasonal. Winter seasonal fruits include pomegranates, dates, grapefruit, and tangerines. A scoop of our Pomegranate Martini sorbet with a few fresh tangerines or a smooth helping of Orange Creamsicle ice cream topped with caramelized dates are a few tasteful ways to incorporate seasonal fruits into your most trendy desserts. On the vegetable end, brussel sprouts, kale, sweet potatoes, winter squash, are all less expensive in winter and great sides. For the main course look for wild duck and fresh sea bass, both also winter seasonal ingredients with many flavor possibilities.

And if the expensive Saturday night dinner will no longer make the budget, a new focus on posh dinner parties will replace the lavish restaurant bill. Look for a trend toward high quality ingredients and a sophisticated but doable menu, accompanied by the amiable feeling that comes from not worrying about tipping the valet or the crowded small-café seating. Need a creative dessert to spice up the evening? How about a warm coffee float: fresh brewed coffee topped with a scoop of Praline Irish Cream ice cream. Or a few mini ice cream cones propped up and arranged will allow your dinner guests to make their own flavor combinations of colorful and delicate scoops of their new found favorite Silver Moon flavors? We will keep our eyes and ears open for you for next time, and maybe yours is the name we hear next, wafting through the trend waves!